Recent Testimonials

It was a pleasure working with Maria Olmos. She is very proactive! I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in buying a home. Previously I had a bit of complications but once I began to work with her, she was able to help me! I was very impressed! Thank You Maria! It was a pleasure working with you!

- Gonzalo Barajas

We are first time home buyers and Maria made the whole process smoothly from the beginning to the end. She was on top of every little detail and answered all the questions we had. Best decision we made was to use Maria as our realtor and highly recommend her.

- Vicente G.

Maria and her team were so good, quick an efficient we closed very early. I just want to thank them for making it so easy and for explaining the steps in the process. I will be referring my friends and family to her.

- Matthew

Maria has bought and sold numerous properties for me over 15 years. She always brings in well qualified buyers with multiple offers over list. She always answers calls and texts promptly and has a huge network of vendors for everything from photography, staging, property repair to mortgage and insurance brokers. I highly recommend her!!!

- Chester P.

After working with a few realtors, I thought I was going to dread house buying. My husband and I felt intimidated and discouraged that we would have to fend for ourselves and felt like home buying was becoming a second job. When we met Maria, she gave us so much info, suggestions and immediately you could tell it was for our best interests. She is extremely patient yet stays on top of all your wants and needs. She made our home buying experience extremely pleasant and very easy. Maria was always quick to respond to any and all emails, texts and phone calls when we had any questions, comments, or concerns. Even through her busy schedule, never once did we feel rushed, neglected or pushed into a situation. I would highly recommend her to any friend or family member of mine!

- Molly Yriarte

It’s been a pleasure working with Maria once again. We bought our first home with Maria back in 2013, and there was no person more trustworthy to sell our house other than her. A week into our listing, 2 open houses later; we were in escrow to sale. The representation she gave us was more than we can ask for. Always available and great at communicating and providing updates. A week after closing the sale of our home, the bid to our new home was accepted. We truly believe it was because of her persistent and knowledge that our offer was accepted in such a competitive market. Now here we are, getting keys to our new house. We would recommend Maria in a heartbeat. And, we will 100% consider her for the sale or purchase of any future investments.

- Happy Buyer

My wife and I were first-time buyers and we were terrified of the home buying process. Maria was our second realtor and we couldn’t have been any luckier to have found her. She was everything we wanted in a realtor. She had ever answer to our many questions. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the home buying process and always made her self available to us. I can not thank Maria enough for all the hard work she did for us. I would encourage anyone who is looking to buy a home to give Maria a call.

- Angella

Maria is a true pleasure to work with! Super attentive, responsive, intuitive, warm, thorough and knowledgeable! We bought a house and we were moving in 30 days after first meeting her! Not a single one of our questions went unanswered. I would recommend Maria to ANYBODY!

- Linda Gonzalez

Maria Olmos is the best real estate agent out there! She goes above and beyond for you! It was such a pleasure working with her to buy my first house back in 1996 & now selling it. There’s no one out there like Maria!

- Maria Tornes

I would really love to thank Maria Olmos for helping me purchase my very first home! Not only was she so knowledgeable she is very honest. She will guide you step by step through the process and is always available! Maria answered all my questions and concerns through the process and gave me the trust and confidence in making a purchase for a home. She has 30+ years of experience in the industry and knows the market so well. She has help many of my co workers purchase homes and I was recommended by a co worked of mine and I stuck with her from the beginning to the end. You can feel very confident with Maria on taking her advice when feeling indecisive as she will guide you to make the correct choices so you can come one step closer to your very first home. Thank you so much for the amazing experience Maria. The Journey was amazing.

- Edgar G.

Maria has been absolutely wonderful. I purchased and sold my home with her as my agent. She has always given me great advice and has guided me in the right direction. Her expertise in real estate is unmatched. Always fast in her responses to any questions I’ve had, is very thorough in explaining the details and has kept me updated on any developments or changes. I couldn’t be happier with her services and help.

- Meghan Martin

Maria Olmos is known for being such a team player in our industry and it was her marketplace knowledge that helped pull off one of the biggest transactions of my year and got my clients a dream home that is one in $2 million. When Marie showed one of my listings her clients loved it but had a house to sell that wasn’t on the market yet. I asked her to describe their home and sure enough I had a buyer that had been looking for a home like that in their neighborhood. It took the two of us to pull off a transaction that required her cooperation for the benefit of both of our clients. Her great negotiation skills allowed us to put our buyers into the homes of their dreams. Agents are often problematic in transactions but not Maria! She did her job with a spirit of cooperation, enthusiasm and street smarts to the benefit of all four clients. I so appreciate her professionalism and recommend her to any buyer or seller as she is dedicated to making the sale happen. Thank you, Maria!!

- Nancy Martin, Realtor Associate, Compass

I highly recommend Maria Olmos. In a very short time she was able to find the perfect home for our family. Maria is truly a gem. She was very accommodating, caring, diligent, understanding, and kind. I can't thank her enough for her time, dedication and support in helping me buy a home. Thank you, Maria!

- Ruby Martinez

We have sold, bought and sold homes in the past two years so we have had a few experiences with real estate agents. However, none can compare with Maria Olmos! Simply put - she's the best! She is highly competent, thorough, caring, pro-active and does what she says - like a gold certificate you can take what she says to the bank! if you are looking to buy or sell a home, you cannot do any better than Maria! We would recommend her anytime, anywhere! She's that good!

- Michael Couey

Maria is an amazing person! She will put heart and soul and will go above and beyond for her clients! If you're thinking of hiring a Realtor, Maria Olmos is the one to go to. Thank you, Maria, for your valuable help in every possible way.

- Judith H.

Maria was such a great help looking for a new home. She was very fast in getting everything together and having us moved in asap!?? ( also gave us great fumigation deals)

- Alondra C.

Maria is a godsend. She was patient and very knowledgeable selling in the area. She returned emails and texts promptly and helped with any and all questions I had through the selling process. She used many resources to make sure my place was as marketable as possible. She knows the ins and outs of the business and is fair and honest in her dealings. She is the best there is. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to buy or sell.

- Heather A.

Maria was great about actively searching and trying to find homes for my wife and I. She was very prompt to all of her appointments and was always prepared. She never rushed or got impatient with us and believe me, there was plenty times she could have. I wish I would have had a much better understanding of the process of purchasing and negotiating, but as a first time home buyer I was naive to the procedures. Maria was always available to take a call if I had any questions.

- J.R. Maffie

If I Could Give You 10 Stars I Would You Deserve Them! I want to thank you Maria so much for everything you and your team did for helping my Dad and myself for the patience and understanding threw the whole process for going above and beyond for us a trillion times thank you for making my dad's dream a reality the Face when he received his keys and papers was the best memory I will never forget and I'm so Happy to have been able to experience that with him...THANK Y0U! YOU& YOUR TEAM ARE THE REAL MVPS OF REAL ESTATE!!!!!

- jjesenia

Ms. Olmos made our first time home buying experience a dream come true. She was very informative, helpful and very professional. I would recommend her services to everyone wanting the perfect experience in buying a property. Thank you Ms. Olmos

- Leo E.

Maria has been absolutely wonderful. I purchased and sold my home with her as my agent. She has always given me great advice and has guided me in the right direction. Her expertise in real estate is unmatched. Always fast in her responses to any questions I’ve had, is very thorough in explaining the details and has kept me updated on any developments or changes. I couldn’t be happier with her services and help.

- Happy Buyer & Seller (July 2020)

Maria has over 30 years in Real Estate. I've the privilege to be coached by Maria as I work for another great agent. Her extensive experience in Real Estate is helping me to grow in this wonderful and exciting new career. I fully recommend her!

- Patty

As Realtors We have to help each other and Working with Maria has been a pleasure, she's very professional and we were able to help a couple of families in the sale and purchase of their homes. Thank you Maria for all your help and for being a real trooper! You Rock!! 🙂

- Monica Olmos

We had a great experience working with Maria. She was personable, trustworthy, patient, timely in responses, helpful with any questions we had and was a true advocate during our home buying process. As first time home buyers, we were quite nervous and unsure of what to expect. Maria did a great job of putting us at ease by guiding us through each step of the process, through her knowledge and expertise. Beyond her skill set, one of the best qualities is that she truly invests in those that she works with, ensuring that the home, neighborhood, and house is a perfect fit. We are happy with our experience and our new home.

- Ka'anela H.

I really do not have the right words that will do justice to the great experience that I have had with Maria. When I first reached out to her to let her know I was ready to start the search for my family's new home I also made it clear that I would need her to guide me through the process as if I would be a 5 year old. The language, terms and processes are foreign language to me. She is very knowledgeable in her area, and still manages to answer any question without making it look as if it is silly question ever. I admire how she makes herself available to service with the best attitude. She would disclose all the information she had available with the intention to help me better decide what would be best for my interests. Her work ethic is beyond the highest standards. She conducts herself in the most professional manner but still has a warmth to her character that provide great deal of support.. I will highly recommend anybody to seek for her services in any real estate transaction they may be looking into. She will go all out and about to meet your expectations. My heart is full of gratitude to her, she took what could had been a regular home purchase transaction to a very respectful personal life changing experience. Not only did we find my perfect home, but she made it happen in record time. She was diligent to follow up on everything, all the time. She is the BEST at what she does. I cannot thank her enough. Be confident that teaming up with her will be a decision you will be glad you made.

- Happy Buyer (September 2020)

Maria is a great experience realtor. I am really thankful for her on helping me purchasing my first home. It was a tough one she went above and beyond. It’s was a pleasure working with her. Thank you Maria for your hard work

- Ashley Solorzano

We can't say enough great things about Maria. She got us into our dream home in our desired neighborhood faster than we could have imagined, and most importantly, she was a steady hand throughout this daunting process of buying a home in Southern California!

She was always available to answer any questions we had. She's positive, sincere, and patient. Her level of expertise and knowledge was so comforting from submitting an offer, to inspection, appraisal, and even recommendations for moving and repair services. She really went above and beyond for us on so many occasions. Believe me, you want a seasoned pro who knows the ins and outs of real estate in this hyper-competitive market and we feel incredibly lucky to have worked with Maria.

- Nicole J.

Maria Olmos and her team have been the best thing we’ve came across to get things done. They are top experience and know exactly what they’re doing. We got out first home in 2019 with Maria and made it very easy for us. I’ll never forget when I walked into the open house and she said “if you like this house, it’s yours.”
As if? But wow she made it a true reality. Now again we used her help, and Pascual an amazing broker smart in every way and got our second home recently in April 2022. Thank you!!!

- Erika P.

This is to state that since retiring now I am doing real estate investing. I selectively buy houses at wholesale prices, upgrade them and then flip it at retail value. I need help of realtors in buying and selling. Just a few months ago Maria Olmos approached me and offered to sell my Buena Park house within 30 days. She was very confident and knowledgeable in her field.

I gave her my listing and I am happy to say that she came through regarding her statement by opening the escrow within 30 days. I have noticed that she is a very hard working, resourceful and professional Realtor.

And yes, I will consider her for future business.

- Prab Pasi

My Fiancé and I cannot be more grateful for Maria. When we first started looking for a house, we had no plan at all. We were just looking for a place to call home. Luckily for us, Maria took us under her wing and made sure that we were making informed decisions every step of the way. She guided us through the most competitive housing market ever seen, and here we stand, new homeowners! From initial contact, to walk-throughs, to navigating endless paperwork, she kept us cool calm and collected. By relying on her YEARS of experience, she was able to pinpoint the exact opportunities we were looking for as first time homebuyers. The home buying process can be one of the most stressful ventures you can take. However, if you have an agent anything like Maria, you can rest assured that buying a home will be almost effortless. Thank you Maria!

- William Cartagena

My wife and I think Maria is AMAZING! Maria helped us buy the perfect home for our family. She truly helped make our top choice for our home happen. We loved her advice, attention to detail, experience, and her availability to answer all of our questions about the process. We will strongly recommend Maria to our family and friends.

- Luis F.

Thank you Maria, you did a great job selling my units.. It was a smooth transaction.. I am very happy with the price we got. I will be calling you for my next deal.

- Javier M.

My wife and I were first time buyers. I was away on business a lot of the time, so Maria and my wife, with my input of course, found our home. I was totally clueless on how to go about buying a home. My wife seemed to know more than me, which obviously made me feel useless. But Maria really did a great job of answering all my questions, even the silly ones. I felt no pressure from her what so ever. She gave great advice. When we went to look at the houses she told us the pros and cons of the house and let us decide. Maria was always in a great mood when we would meet up and that made me excited to go look at houses. As everyone knows buying is one of the biggest decisions people make. Not to mention one of the scariest. Long story short, Maria made me and my wife very happy and we still reside at our home. I would recommend Maria to any person interested in buying a home!

- Happy Buyer (August 2020)

Canvassing the neighborhood we noticed that she had a listing on the same street where our house was located. We contacted Maria and told her that we were interested in selling the property and that my nephew was interested in buying the property. She became the listing agent and selling agent. She was hands on from the beginning, keeping us informed of the progress almost daily. The transaction went smoothly and closed within 30 days. I highly recommend Maria for your real estate needs.

- Valerie C.

Maria Olmos and her Team were excellent , we were recommended to her by my sister in law & made our home buying experience easy & smooth. Maria love's what she does and is always ready for her client's needs, She was always a phone call away to answer any questions my husband & I would have & made sure we both understood what she was talking about & if we didn't she would find other ways of explanation till we got the point. We want to thank you for all the fantastic work you've done for us, for your big kind heart , And for going the extra mile for us on every step of our home buying journey! We could not have done this without you, your knowledge and expertise... we are so grateful for your assistance & patience!

- Domie Nava

I want to thank Maria Olmos and her Team gor helping my husband & I become first time homeowners! we were recommended to her by my sister in law & made our home buying experience easy & smooth. Maria love's what she does and is always ready for her client's needs, She was always a phone call away to answer any questions my husband & I would have & made sure we both understood what she was talking about & if we didn't she would find other ways of explanation till we got the point. We want to thank you for all the fantastic work you've done for us, your big kind heart , Thank you for going the extra mile for us on every step of our home buying journey! We could not have done this without you, and we are so grateful for your assistance, patience and expertise.

- Domitila N.

Maria helped us in buying our forever home and was absolutely amazing. She was always available any time we needed her and responded right away when we had a question. She would point out things in house that I would have never notice or thought of in order to make sure when were making the right decision. If you need a realtor she is defiantly the right choice.

- Danielle Mancha

Working with Maria has always been a pleasure. I've known Maria for over 11 years and throughout the years we have worked many transactions together. She will always meet and exceed your expectations.

- Olivia Medina

Words cannot express the immense gratitude and appreciation I have for Maria Olmos. This gem of an agent helped my family and I purchase our first property, a dream that finally came true due to her perseverance, patience and guidance. Maria is the type of agent that will take you under her wing, answer a million questions, and make sure one understands each process. And if you still don't get it, she will reinvent the wheel to make sure you do.

Maria Olmos is everything one could ask for in an agent, she is honest, knowledgeable, reliable, loyal, patient, and always quick to respond. What separates her from the rest is that she truly loves what she does, and it shines through in the way that she goes above and beyond to assist her client's needs.

Maria, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a blessing put in our path.

- Jessica M.

So the whole idea of buying a house absolutely freaked me out, but then I met Maria. From the first time I spoke with her, I knew she had our best interest. She always made herself available to us at any time and answered any and all questions we had. Maria has gone above and beyond as a realtor and I would recommend her to anyone.

- Adrian Gallego

Maria was very diligent and thorough. She was extremely patient and knowledgeable. Most importantly she was able to list and sell my home during a pandemic, something I thought was not possible. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.

- Jackie One

Maria went above and beyond to get our property sold within the timeframe we needed! She hustled, she called, she did dozens of showings, took our calls and texts day and night. She is a SUPER WOMAN. Always thorough, always a professional, always coming to the table with new ideas and just darn good at her job.

- Jessica Ripoll

Well, we were first-time buyers and Maria was very Professional, Committed and Knowledgeable. We pulled off a great Deal with Maria's help, she worked with us and was always on top of things with the Seller, Bank, Escrow she's truly amazing. She has a lot of experience in the Real Estate field. Maria made the process of buying our house very easy even after we had our times of stress. Maria negotiated well after a few delays and bumps on the road. She explained every single step of the process with patience. I highly recommend Maria Olmos to help anyone who wants to sell or buy a property. She is Incredible and made a happy couple even happier.

- Rino Centanaro

Thank you Maria for being so patient with me. Words can't describe how grateful I am to have been blessed with such an amazing agent. Maria was very honest and cared about getting me into my forever home. She listened to my concerns and knew exactly what I wanted after our first visit. Definitely would recommend her to my family and friends. Maria thank you for everything! You truly are the best!!!

- Jackie C

I have known Maria for over 6 years both professionally and personally. I knew once I was ready to purchase a home that she would be the first person to call. I bought a home in Utah and if it wasn't for her great expertise and networks she has I wouldn't have had such a smooth and pleasant process in purchasing my home. Maria knows the ins and out of real estate and can help you with any question you have regarding your home. I'm glad to have met her and I appreciate everything she has done for me she found me a great realtor in Utah. She is very attentive and is straight forward with you to give you the best home buying experience. Thank you Maria!

- Rebecca A.

Maria listed this property with such an accurate description that we felt we didn’t even need to view it. Just a described this house was gorgeous inside and out. It was perfectly upgraded with a modern look and has a huge backyard. We weren’t sure if we were going to qualify but we couldn’t pass it up because we always wanted our children to have a yard to play in. Maria made our dream come true and now we live in our perfect home. Thank you for helping us, Maria!!

- Noemi Quintero

Maria was absolutely amazing in selling my home during a pandemic. She was very patient, knowledgeable and thorough. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

- Perla J.

I would like to thank Maria, she was the most helpful and polite agent. She invested so much time ensuring I got the home I wanted. She is very helpful and patient but more importantly cares about her clients.

- Manny Flores

Maria Olmos is very professional and responsive aside from being such a wonderful Real Estate agent she is also a wonderful human being she has a big heart and is always willing to help you and answer all of your questions in whatever way she can. I always recommend her to all of my friends♥️

- Antonia Pizano

My husband and I were first-time buyers and Maria made the process simple from the beginning to the end. We had a great experience working with Maria and would recommend her to anyone.

- Kendya Wyatt

Maria is great. She helped up buy our 1st home 7 years ago. She helped us sell that home. We are now is escrow on our next home. We are blessed. I believe with the she was very instrumental in making those transactions happen. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. Her experience shows.

- Jarred Diaz

Maria was absolutely wonderful to work with! My wife and I are first time home buyers and we didn't even know where to begin. Maria cam highly recommended to me by a coworker so I figured I would reach out and see what she could do for us. Not only did she go above and beyond in helping us find and choose a home that was fitting for us and our family but she also researched and reached out to a charity group on our behalf to help save us some money for our down payment! Maria was able to make what many people dread doing really fun and more of an adventure! She is such a lovely woman and our family highly recommends her to anyone who is in the market to purchase a new home.

- William B.

Maria is amazing at her job she is very professional and knowledgeable about the real state market she is the best she help me and my husband buy our new home , we are totally grateful for all her support and help thru the process

- Jacqueline M. Jacqueline M.

We are so grateful for Maria as well as her team. Maria and her team helped my parents with both of their homes and now she helped and guided us through every step. It was a rollercoaster of emotions but it have such a great team by our side made it a lot easier and brought all the excitement to light. We will most definitely be recommending Maria to whoever would like to purchase or sell their homes. Thank you so much Maria for everything. I would also like to thank Connie Cipollone for being a part of our experience.

- Yesenia Diaz

Maria was our second real estate agent and was great. So patient, always polite and tenacious. Maria was prompt in her responses to my questions and seemed to work so late into the evening, I wondered if she ever turned off her phone. I would like to thank Maria for helping the sale of my income property and for her never-ending support. I would absolutely recommend Maria to anyone who needed a trustworthy and hard-working agent on their side.

- Jane Mycoft

We recently purchased our first home. Maria was there for us from the very beginning. She held our hand through the process and her care for us and our decision seemed as if she was part of the purchase. She knew all the answers to our questions and was there for us at any time we needed her or simply had a question. She is very professional but at the same time very compassionate and empathetic to the stresses that come with purchasing a new home. She is simply amazing and WILL recommend her and her services to anyone in the market looking to buy or sell a home.

- Javier & Jessica

Maria Olmos once again impressed me with her expertise, and professionalism. She helped me sell my house before, and of course I had no doubt about calling her when I was ready to purchase a new house.
Maria and her team go beyond the extra mile to make things happen. The entire process moved quickly, and within 1 month I had a new house.
I can never thank Maria enough for her patience and willingness. She always had an answer to my questions. Thank you so much Maria for helping us find our beautiful house. My family and I are very excited to start a new adventure in our new home. We will be for ever thankful, and would like to wish the best and much success!

Selling my home has been quite an experience. One that couldn't have gone better without the help of Maria Olmos and team. Since the minute I reached out to her and asked for her guidance I knew I was dealing with someone who is highly experienced, very professional, and a vast knowledge on her field it made her the perfect person to assist me on such an important transaction. The complete process was done on time as she promised, everything was on target. Her team also conducted every step with professionalism and commitment. Even though the whole process had me nervous at times Maria Olmos and team always made me feel I could trust them. I will definitely will be reaching out to her when I purchase my next house.

- Mayela Saucedo

Maria provided exceptional guidance throughout the real estate process. I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful professional! I would definitely recommend Maria! Thanks for making our dream come true!!

- Donny T.

My husband and I recently purchased our first home. Maria was there for us from the very beginning. She held our hand through out the whole process and her care for us made us feel like we new her and our decision seemed as if she was part of the purchase. She knew all the answers to our questions and was there for us at any time we needed her or simply had a question. She is very professional but at the same time very compassionate and empathetic to the stresses that come with purchasing a new home. She help us get our dream home very quickly. I thought that with the bad experience that I had with a prior Realter that I would not find anyone that would really care.She is simply amazing and WILL recommend her and her services to anyone in the market looking to buy or sell a home.
Thank you Maria!😃

- Lily Suarez

My husband and I were first time buyers. We all know very well this process can be overwhelming and of course new. Maria and her team answered any questions throughout the whole process and referred us to another lender who made that whole side of things easy! Her team was nothing but nice to us till the very end. Go to Maria, I promise she’s the nicest/sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Don’t let her charming personality fool you though. She’s bad a** at negotiating on your behalf and will always have your back.

- Mari Gomez

Maria is as genuine a person as you're going to get, especially in the real estate business. I know it's in the job description of a realtor to represent the buyer and make your commission but it's always a plus if you can find someone who has a heart on top of everything else. Ms. Olmos is a diamond in the rough. Thank you again, Maria!!

- Anna L.

Maria was tireless in helping us quickly find our new home in a very competitive market through many tours, offers, and negotiations. Great realtor and wonderful to do business with.

- Marc C.

Maria did a fabulous job selling my home in Artcraft Manor this last summer. Her staging and photographs were perfect and she always responded to my questions promptly! Further, her team of professional went above & beyond to be courteous, knowledgeable and welcoming to all prospective tenants. I could not have asked for a better realtor and will definitely use her again!

- Satisfied Client!